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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Demeaning language

**Warning** The "C" word is dropped in this entry. Just giving everyone the heads up.

The use of the word ‘Gay’ in a demeaning manner is just fucked! To simply sum it up.

I listen to people talk these days via various mediums. The internet, face to face, on the phone etc and anything that isn’t correct in their eyes, or is deemed a bit odd is automatically summed up as ‘Gay’ Am I offended by this? YES I am – it’s the same as someone who have Middle Eastern heritage being called a terrorist! Narrow-mindedness comes to mind, when I think of this bullshit labelling that some of society like to throw about. What’s got me started… I’ll explain

Strike one: I was in the supermarket today a ‘joyful’ event as most of you who read regularly know (I bloody hate grocery shopping) Anyway… I was in an isle and there was a small group of people in the same isle and something was said about the price of a certain brand of soft drink (Soda in some countries) and one of the group stated ‘That’s so gay talk about a rip off.’

Thus the overall statement was that due to the price of the unmentioned brand of soft drink being ‘high’ it was clearly a bad thing and automatically termed ‘gay’ there was no that’s ridiculous, no unbelievable, no you’ve got to be joking that’s an absurd price… No because it was clearly a negative it therefore was termed GAY! I fumed – I’m sure there was steam coming out of my ears, the death stare I gave the group must have given them the heads up that I wasn’t impressed…. !

Strike two: I signed into YouTube today and as always they have ‘promoted’ videos. I clicked on one of them and the video description for this bloke ranting about money paid out to people on benefits in this country had the following gem of information in the sidebar.

“Sorry for sounding sick and looking like a lesbian”

I hovered over the comments button, thinking I should tell the guy he’s a fucking cunt for his derogatory comment! But then thought why bother? Why waste my letters! My hatred would only inflate his pathetic ego more by ranting at him over his description which I found offensive.

So instead, I ranted here.

I’m off to watch the x-mas special of Doctor Who which is finally being aired in Australia. I’ve held off leaching off the net due to the ABC finally deciding to not make us all wait six months before showing the program.

That’s all I’ve got.

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Hey, Lia said...

I'm sorry that people are still so stupid....I used to use "gay" as a slander but then I grew up and knew better. It pisses me off that people still don't think it's a big deal:\