Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas and a rant

So Christmas has come and gone - it was non eventful as we celebrated it early whilst my brother and his family were home so the 'day' was spent just lazing about escaping the heat.

However I received some great gifts 'early'

Season 4 of Doctor Who on DVD
Season 1 & 2 of Skins
Some books :

Scheisshaus Luck - Pierre Berg
Reading the Holocaust - Inga Clendinnen
The Writers Tale - Russell T Davies and Ben Cook

Plus the usual clothes :)

My rant though is about text speak. Ok - Text speak R U there will b L8 etc etc is designed for an SMS text messaging service over a mobile / cell phone network to enable to you relay your message in the quickest amount of time with the least amount of characters. What SHITS me is when people comment on blogs, youtube channels etc using the aforementioned text speak.

Nothing screams 'uneducated moron' or 'lazy' more than when I see people leaving comments on other peoples site in text talk when the little comment box is enabled to allow the person to write complete words! I'm not fussy on the punctuation. I mean I'm the last person to comment on others punctuation and or spelling ability! However is it that hard to write a full word out like

I think your video is great instead of I tnk ur vid is gr8t

Urg!!! Maybe it's a sign I'm either
a) Getting old or
b) I am OLD!

The English language is a wonderful tool that enable us to communicate and express ourselves. Why waste it by shortening it and murdering it when it's not on a mobile phone!?!

Rant over
That's all I've got :)


SharpFinale said...

haha I particularly love this entry.
I completely stand by you on the text speak thing. I'm a teen and right now teens are famous for that(shame shame). It takes a lot of effort to understand those..characters; and if it's easy for people to understand...they are what you call an uneducated moron.
Trust me, you're not old/getting are just gettin' stupider and stupider.

Do you know how hard it is to find Doctor Who anythings here in Canada?Damn North America:\

JustSal said...

Someone left a comment on my youtube channel in text speak - I have no fucking idea what they said!

Re Dr Who stuff. Have you tried shopping on Amazon? I've got a heap of stuff from both the UK and the US site.