Thursday, December 18, 2008

Getting in early

So I've been on holiday's officially for a month now, and what have I achieved in this month? Fuck all! Well if you take bullshit Christmas shopping out of the equation then yes I've done fuck all. So this brings me to the 'New years resolutions' which people make and never keep. I can't remember what I said I'd do last year other than drink more water and consume less alcohol! I managed the less alcohol however I've not done the drink more water thing.

So I'm going to get in early this year with my new years resolutions which I came up with at 2am this morning, whilst waiting for the Air-conditioning to kick in to cool me off at the ridiculous temp of 28c at TWO in the MORNING!! So you can imagine just how hot it is here today!

New years resolutions for 2009

1) Read more: As a writing major I have read sweet FA of other peoples work, and if I stand a chance of being a half decent writer. I should absorb the wonderfulness of others. So I am going to try and read at least ten books in 2009 - that's about one a month with Uni etc on top of all that. If I manage to do this I'll be quite impressed. I'll keep a list of what I read and what I thought. I've stated with Twilight - by Stephenie Meyer after almost everyone I know has said 'Oh my god have you read her she's brilliant' I've literally just started yesterday, and so far so good I must say.

2) Write more: I've been on holidays for a month and I've only written on here and also a short couple of ideas that have been floating around in my head for a while though neither of those pieces has real substance right now, however they are a work in progress, which I will pursue. With my aim in writing more is to 'try' and write at least once a day. Either on here, or just some exercises from the various writing books I've had to purchase for Uni thus far - Fuck I've parted with my cash for them all. I might as well take full advantage of them!

So now it's here in writing. This is the proof of my early 2009 new years resolutions. I'll keep you updated as to the success of it all.

That's all I've got :)

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