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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Twilight, Harry Potter and Christmas

Oooo I'm right into this book. I'm upto the part of Cullen taking Bel to meet the parents. It's got a hold of me and I'm flicking to the next page and then the next and the next. I've not read a book like this which captivated me in a long time. Not since the Catcher in the Rye way way back..... (Though Inga Clendinnen's memoir Tigers Eye was captivating, but more so in the non-fiction genre!) Anyway... it gives me faith that everyone, anyone can write a book.... If they can nail the genre....

I was talking to my sister in law who's a Mcmassive Harry Potter fan - she'd also not heard of Stephanie Meyer's work (Yes we live in a cave!) however she told me of the story about how J.K Rowlings wrote Harry Potter in a Cafe' (Insert groans here)

I struggle at times to write, and it's something I need to work on, however my best ideas do seem to pop into my head at 2am - and most of the sci-fi stuff I've written have in fact been my dreams!

Anyway.. I'm roughly 287 pages in and I'm thinking if I have it finished by the weekend (With all the family bullshit about to fall out of the sky!) then I'll try and get to the cinema next week to see the movie - though reviews so far of it have kinda fallen short.

I was annoyed when I read Hannibal, and then went to the cinema with my best mate Peter (who had a weak stomach, and we had to pack a vom bag for him) to find they had changed the ending.. I bloody hate that! In fact I've not read a book that's become a 'movie' since that event. (In other words I've not read any Harry Potter!)

Does the book do the movie justice? Or does the movie do the book justice? As a writing major I'd have to say that done well the Movie does the book justice!

If I don't get a chance before hand, those who celebrate Christmas. Merry Christmas I hope you enjoy it - others who don't have a nice holiday, and hopefully a nice time catching up with friends and family.

That's all I've got

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SharpFinale said...

haha poor Peter. I'm too chicken to see those movies.
:\YOU like Twilight too?Oh dear..I read Twilight and almost cried at certain parts because it was so cheesy.
You must must read Harry Potter.Must.

Happy Holidays=)