Sunday, February 28, 2010

Writing Genre Exercises Part One

Genre is going along alright, we've had an assignment added to the list of things we have to complete, but that's ok. We now have to write a 2,000 word creative piece and a write back piece in which we take a section of someone else's work and write back to it, again 2,000 words. I've decided on what I'm doing for that, so it's just a case of writing it now.

In the meantime - we have weekly tasks to complete before the next weeks lecture (Commonly called homework!) This week we had a list of trigger words. I remember, I like, I hate etc and we had to just unload the first thing that came into our heads. My list is below. Not sure if it's right, but that's what came out of my head when I read the 'trigger' words.

The other task is to just write for ten minutes. I feel like I've done this particular writing task over and over again! So I'm in no real rush to write it again, I should dig out some old ones and compare them, to see if I remember the same things.

Anyway - here is my list

I remember: holidays at the beach as a child, endless days in the sun, riding my brothers BMX along the beach, trying to learn to surf, playing cricket with other kids near our caravan, trips to the shop where twenty cents would buy you a massive bag of lollies.

I hate: people who can’t indicate on roundabouts, road rage in general, people who belittle others for their own enjoyment or from the need to feel satisfaction, animal cruelty, child abuse, the ill treatment of others due to gender or sexual preference.

I love: Saturday afternoons knowing you have another twenty four hours before getting back into the grind of daily life. My nephews and their innocents in this world and how everything to them is just so simplistic. My mum for being one of the most amazing women I know.

I never: understand why people are nasty to one another.

I always: treat others as I’d like to be treated. Wear a seatbelt. Drink tea everyday.

I can: play drums, and kinda write.

I wish: my nephews a safe and happy future. To travel overseas before I die. To experience what love is really like.

I hope: I manage to get one thing published, become a better writer, successfully complete my studies

I miss: my grandfather, cheap fuel, my youth.

I believe: for every nice deed done, an equally bad deed is done to cause a counter balance. Life wasn’t meant to be easy, but why complain about it?

Feel free to do a trigger list of your own if you like. Comment me the link if you do, I'll be interested to read them.

That's all I've got.


ScoMan said...

I love that you slipped cheap fuel into one of the things you miss in between your granddad and your youth. It did get a laugh from me. Well done.

Okay, here's my list a lot quicker because nobody's grading it. At least, I hope you're not grading us.

I remember: who I am. No, I stole that from a movie. Is that allowed?

I hate: that commercial breaks aren't long enough to write a full comment to a post, so I come back and have to reread the post and then don't have enough time to remember what I was going to say in the comment.

I love: Love is a strong word. I don't know what to put there.

I never: feel happy to be on my way to work.

I always: breathe. People sent me to rehab once. The said I was obsessed with it.

I can: do taxes. Exciting, I know.

I wish: People were excited by taxes.

I hope: You get something published one day.

I miss: No prizes for guessing this one.. my Xbox.

I believe: I will not have my Xbox back in time for the long weekend.

ScoMan said...

Double commenting to thank you for contributing to "What Shall We Do with the Drunken Blogger?" and let you know it's been posted with your contribution.