Thursday, February 4, 2010

Your lips might be moving but all I can hear is Blah Blah Blah

That whole six degrees of separation thing, you know the theory you know someone who knows someone and along the line that someone knows you or your friend (Or something like that!)

This really has nothing to do with that!!!

It's inevitable that you'll run into people who you already know but haven't seen in a long time (See recent post re the post office) Today however I was in getting a haircut, and there was this lady on the other side of the room, just staring at me constantly. In the end the girl who cuts my hair noticed it. I asked who it was, she explained it was Mrs ------ The mother of some kids (boy and girl twins) who went to school with my brother. I think he (my brother) may have dated her daughter when he was about 15! Anyway she was just stared me, each time I glanced in the mirror in her direction she was staring at me.

Long story short. I got my hair cut, was over paying at the register and the woman finally found her voice.

Aren't you (Insert my brothers name here) sister?
Yes I am
I wait for my change
So did you follow him?
Follow him how?
Are you a doctor too?

Then she just embarked on this huge blurb about how great my brother is (To the point that if he was there she'd have got on her knees and sucked his cock!)

This happened to me a lot when I was young, why aren't you more like your brother - oh you're brother is so smart, he's done well for himself, (insert lovely thing in here) Don't get me wrong. I love my brother and I'm extremely proud of his achievement. He worked hard to get where he is today. But I'm NOT HIM! I never have been and never will be, so for people to still compare me to my brother all these years AFTER I've left high school is well kinda fucked.

Then she asked the 'so what do you do?' question.. Which is always an open door to say whatever you want... I was kinda fucked off by now, and so I answered.

I run the brothel down in the industrial estate!

The girl who cut my hair laughed, and the look on the woman's face was worth it for me, but she couldn't let it go.

Clearly your brother has gone into a much more well respected profession then.

Well we all need medicine and we all need a shag, so it's win win situation.... Tell (insert her sons name here) I said hi, not seen him for a while!

The overall point I'm stating here, is that we're all individuals and everyone in society has an important role, from the doctors who mend, to the nurses to care, to dentist, teachers, mechanics, carpenters, plumbers, builders, accountants, bakers, cooks, cleaners you name it. For each role is a necessity, and without it there would not be the ever turning, well oiled wheel of progression.

See I really don't mind what you do for a living, I don't care if you don't have a job! A lot of stay at home parents don't have a job in which they take home a weekly wage, their 'job' is to be a carer to their children, technically they are unemployed but I couldn't do the job they do!

So those judgemental folk in society stop looking at people as a pay packet on a social status scale, because I know that the 'doctor' who lives next door might be able to stitch up your cut, but he sure as fuck can't unblock your backed up sewer pipes!

That's all I've got.

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ScoMan said...

In my family, I was that brother.

My brothers would always get after their teacher realise their surname..

"You can't be Sco's little brother, surely?"
"Yeah I am"
"But he was so smart and well behaved"
"... and I'm?"

I felt sorry for them. But as much as I was the star in our teachers eyes, I was the failure in Dad's.

Until a few years ago anyway.

But they all do or are studying to do important things. And they've all lived fun lives where mine has been sheltered.

But we're all happy with who we are and what we've done, so who cares what the lady at the hairdressers thinks?