Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I’m moving

Seems the owner of the place I currently live in, daughter got into Uni. (Yay for her!) So they won’t be renewing my lease, they want me out so she can move in! (Slightly disgruntled but meh fuck it, it’s a hole anyway!) So I’m looking for somewhere new to call home. This also means that my 2 week trip away will be shortened to one week as I’ll be moving house now in that time.

Anyone who has pets knows how hard it is to find a rental place that will let you have a dog! Uni is about to start back so most of the ‘decent’ places will be leased. So for the moment I’m going to house sit for my uncle while he’s away for a month (That includes looking after his dog) and then I’ll find somewhere else.

I spoke to my mum about it today, and she offered for me to come home for the interim, I thanked her as its better than being on the street, but she knows it wouldn’t work! (my father and I don’t get on) But it’s there as a back up if needed which is a nice feeling to have.

In other news….. Well there is no other news. A girlfriend of mine is coming over tomorrow to hang out (which will involve her packing boxes now!) but she’s the sort of friend who wouldn’t care about that, it’s the company she’s coming for.

So with that, I’m off to look at all the stuff I own, get depressed that at the end of the day it would all fit into one room! And start packing up my shit.

That’s all I’ve got


K.M. Weiland said...

Hard to believe people can live without dogs. I have a black Lab named Crazy Bob. He keeps life interesting!

ScoMan said...

You know what? You'll find an even better place. With cheaper rent.

I hope they at least gave you some warning though and they didn't just spring it on you now. As you said, it's kind of short notice for a student with other students out there now as well.