Sunday, February 21, 2010

When should I feel like a grown up?

I sometimes wish that ‘uni mode’ was like a dome that moved down over your head (Kinda like those dryers old ladies get put on their heads when they are getting a perm) So that you a) you knew it was time to work hard and b) others around you knew you were in ‘uni mode’

I need that old lady dome bubble thing to descend upon me right now to literally give me a kick in the arse and get me into UNI MODE. I start back at Uni tomorrow and I’m still in holiday mode. Today I fucked about playing PS3 game demo's and watching Lost S5 and Skins S4. Both the aforementioned activities will NOT help me get my uni degree!

As you know I went to Brisbane in the week. I’d love to say I did this and that – but in reality I hooked up with two people whom I have a ‘friends with benefits’ scheme with and well had a lot of sex! I did manage to collect my mum and my aunt from the train station on the Thursday and take them both to see Cliff Richard and The Shadows perform live. (My mum is an epic fan of Cliff’s) I however love The Shadows and as a young self taught drummer. I listened to Brian Bennett (He’s the drummer) from The Shadows. So to see him perform live was one of the highlights of my life thus far.

Seeing Brian perform live made me want to buy another drumkit and get back into playing. (I sold my old one to pay the rent back in 2003) But then I think to myself for what? Every time I’ve been in a band we ALWAYS loose the bass player, either they have a ‘spaz’ and leave or they die *literally* (That’s another story!) I even contemplated getting an electronic kit which allows for 500+ different sounds to be played, it also allows for headphones so only I can hear what I’m playing (It’s never good to annoy the neighbours too much) But then reality hits me once again and I think to myself. What the fuck are you thinking? You’re too old for this shit grow up!. Speaking of growing up. (What a lovely segue there!)

It’s my birthday tomorrow. As previously stated in a post a few weeks back I will accept all gift vouchers any of you would like to bestow upon me ;) It is after all the thought that counts.

Regarding my birthday... I’m at a loss as to when I’ll be ‘grown up’? Do you hit a certain age , then think, right I’m a adult now? Because I don’t feel any different to when I was say 17 I was into movies, music, TV, video games, girls, and pissing about. The reality of it however is I’m NOT 17 any more. Whilst I know I’m much more mature than I was at 17. My mind still gets a kick out of slaying zombies in video games, and doing nothing all day other than lazing about watching TV like a teenager! (Maybe it’s mature ages Uni Student syndrome!)

So that brings me to the following question. At what point are we suppose to be ‘grown up’ Does it have to come with marriage and children? Because if it does, I’m never going to be grown up as I a) Don’t want to get married (Besides the fact that I legally can’t in Australia) and b) I have NO desire to have children. Does this mean I’ll be on here in 20 years time celebrating another birthday all excited that I got a special limited edition of the ‘retro’ Tomb Raider game? Or saying things like "I remember way back when Survivor first started in season one." As it celebrates its 250th season!

I’m getting older physically (which sucks in itself some days) but mentally I still dig Doctor Who as much now as I did as a seven year old, and I honestly can never see that changing (Unless they bring back Colin Baker which would majorly suck arse! Google him - he (Colin Baker) killed Doctor Who until McCoy bought it back from the dead!

So as I contemplate another change of the numbers that represent the time of my existence on this planet. I hope some of you can answer my question of ‘when should I feel like a grown up?’

That’s all I’ve got.

** As a footnote**
I'm the guest blogger over at Scoman's blog today. Please check my entry out, and also Sco's blog. He's as #rad as I am :P


ScoMan said...

I don't know about this growing up thing. I think it's overrated.

I, like you, still love video games, movies, DVDs and everything I loved as a teenager. I don't want it to change.

If I love them, why would I want to lose them?

Sounds like the Brisbane trip was #rad!

Your post will go up shortly.

the girl in stiletto said...

happy birthday!! i was like that too when i was in uni. i watched sex & the city all season prior to my obs & gynae exam, i watched that 70's show prior to my psychiatry exam (they were all final exams what the eff was i thinking!) i made it through though, so whatever. :p

enjoy while you can. one more day before the hustle of uni life starts.

Hillbilly Duhn said...

I don't think there is a time in which there is a stated rule as to when to grow up. I'm assuming it's at age 18 when you've filtered off from the folks and start living on your own... But as for feeling grown up, ack, who knows, I feel no different now at 33 than I did when I was 20. I don't think it matters really.

All that matters is our own choices and the way we live our lives.

Friends with benefits!! Hot damn! I have some of those, but beings that I'm married now, sorta can't do that anymore, I'd get in trouble! :)

Hillbilly Duhn said...

I forgot, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!