Saturday, February 20, 2010

When almost four becomes four

Hello Blog readers - I'm back did you miss me????

It’s my nephew’s birthday today. He is officially four years old today. So in six months time he will be known as almost five. *lol*

We skyped this morning, and sung him happy birthday. I asked him
“How old are you today?”
He stuck his chest out and proudly stated “I’m four Sal”

If you could sum up happiness in a photograph then the image below would be it. A remote control car from ‘Sal’ (I’m the best aunt in the world right now!) He thanked me constantly for his ‘remotie car’ (That’s what he calls it as it comes with a ‘remotie control!!!) He’s mad on anything with a remote controller – this boy is going to be a gamer I can already see it!

As you know I’ve been away for a few days interstate. I’ll do a Brisbane (Brisvegas) update in tomorrow’s blog.

Until then, here is a pic of four with his remotie car! (I didn't quite realise it would be 'that' big from the images from the online shop I purchased it from. It is as my brother stated 'massive')

Like I said, this is happiness summed up in one photograph.

That’s all I’ve got

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ScoMan said...

Happy birthday to four and one three sixty fifth.

That car is pretty massive. I think it could take out a small animal haha.

You're a great aunt.