Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Post # 29 World of Snot

Yesterday's entry was, well a bit short! Sorry about that. I got into bed, got comfortable and warm etc then I thought. FUCK I didn't put an entry up for BEDA. So I turned to my new trusty IPod Touch and Wi-fi-ed myself an entry that took ages to type up one fingered and then all I cared about was if it would save :) It did as you can see below in post # 28

I am officially in a world of Snot! Yes my nose is a tap and there is a stream of snot coming from it as I battle a sinus thing. I wouldn't go as far as to say it's an infection as I'm not blowing out horrible coloured snot or anything, it's just running alot, and my face aches a bit. So I went to the chemist a) cause I needed something for this snotfest and b) the chemist is fucking hot! I asked her about some drugs to fix me up and she offered me some anti-snot tablets. However due to the increase of Methamphetimes labs and their production of ecstasy you can no longer buy any drugs over the counter that contain pseudoephedrine without a doctors prescription. Talk about being jipped as those anti-snot drugs are the best!!

Anyway I spent $5.00 on the chemist brand of anti-snot tablets got some panadol that contained codine in them (Thank fuck they aren't script only!) and came home and tried to write / reseach more for this essay I have due on experimental writing, however pulled the pin about 4pm and had a nap. I've since woken from the nap, slightly less snotty, but my face still hurts like I've been punched in the face.

Tomorrow is the final for BEDA - however I've kinda got into the rhythm of writing each day, so I hope to be able to keep up the consistant entries for the remainder of my blogging existance ;) <-- that's code for the time being.

That's all I've got.

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