Saturday, April 4, 2009

Post # 4 - BEDA Creator found

I did some random searches on the blog every day in April (BEDA) to find that the lady responsible for its creation is one Maureen Johnson. You can check out her page by clicking her name. For those of you who are like me and live a quiet sheltered life *lol* She's a well established author.

As I write this I look to my left and see the mountain of Uni work I've not done this week. This week was 'study week' and well my studying consisted of doing sweet FA - watching DVD's and sleeping a lot! I'm renaming this week the 'recharge your batteries' week allowing students (Well mainly me as I can't speak for others!) to relax, regroup and recharge... Before being thrown back into the realm of study, deadlines etc.

Post #4 done. I *have* to get some Uni work done :(

That's all I've got

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