Wednesday, January 20, 2010

After two years. Alcohol is in my system

Hello faithful readers :)

I'm on the wine with my Aunt who is 79 years old! I seriously get around!

I've not drank an alcoholic beverage in two years, and this evening I'm on the wine with my mum's aunt eating fish and chips and loving life (Except for the heat!)

Why don't I drink I can hear you ask? (Well if you didn't ask I'm going to tell you anyway)

Back when I was young (18) I spent my final year of high school drunk. Like liver transplant drunk, and so I consumed enough alcohol in my 18th year of life to literally last a life time. The year book has me down as 'most likely to become a musician / alcoholic' I succeed in the latter!

In 2003 I was at the Zoo in Brisbane (It's a night club, there is no actual animals!) and my drink was spiked. Thankfully I was with a group of friends who took care of me, however regardless of the amount of times I'm been munted drunk. I ALWAYS remember what I did / done. This particular evening I couldn't remember 5 hours of my life. I woke up in my bathroom, head in the bath, very unwell. After that I was a little wary of grog. Along comes 2006 and I'm in the WORST job EVER. I go home at night and polish off several Smirnoff Ice double Black's (They are the 7% alcohol ones) each and every night from Monday to Friday. (We're talking TWO slabs of Smirnoff Ice a week. A $120+ drinking habit, without leaving the house) I get to a point that I'm borderline alcoholic (Literally) and so one day I go 'fuck this' I quit my job, and I stopped drinking. Two years later. I'm here writing this blog with two glasses of wine under my belt, and I'm fucked. Talk about a light weight. I mean sure I've not had this 'drug' in my system in a long time. But two glasses of wine? Come-on! I used to have to down four Smirnoff blacks before it 'touched the sides' so to speak a few years back. (At this point I'm not sure whats worse. Being a little pissed after two glasses of wine? Or being lead astray by my 79 year old Aunt!)

Anyway. I'm at my mum's place. We're off up the coast tomorrow, she's got a medical appointments to attend, then we're 'shopping'. Though I'm not a 'shopper' however when I'm with my mum it's more a leisurely look, some lunch and then head home.

I hope everyone else's Wednesday is going well.

That's all I've got.

**NB If this post makes no sense I do appologise in advance :)


Anonymous said...

Oh boy do we have a lot in common! I have a very similar story around alcohol as you do.

ScoMan said...

The world thinks of Australia as big drinkers, but so many Aussies I know don't (or no longer) drink.

It must be the ones who travel overseas giving us a bad name.

Or maybe they had a camera set up in your place in 2006 =p

Enjoy your shopping trip.