Sunday, March 29, 2009

Re-worked Writing from the edge piece

I've reworked my writing from the edge piece which is due tomorrow. I just need to write a 'note' to go with it as to what I was trying to achieve etc. and it's good to go. Below is a snippet of the 500+ word piece.

Switch Flicking

F e e l

Twitching in your neck, invisible hands touching you, burning like the sun, sun burn prickles, tingle and spread up into your scalp, crawling, itching, tingling, alive, lice infestation, spreading like an oil spill.

S e
Flickering lights, fuzzy lines dance across your vision, strobing causes white colour blindness, bright and unfailing, impairing your vision.

H e Rrr
e a

High-pitched frequency, cancels you out to the world with that screeching noise to a throbbing beat, the pressure makes your ears bleed.

m e l
S l

Crushed ants, damp towels, damp ants, crushed towels. Senses cause confusion Salicylic acid causes a chemical reaction, releasing effervescent bubbles that smell of lemon tang, leaves from the tree in your back garden scrape your skin like razors, breath in and out don’t get smothered by their aroma.

T a t e
s t

Bitter pills mixed with water, clear a path for fast release pain relief, gulped down acidic bubbles make your taste buds tingle from the fizzy cocktail, swallow hard and lay back to allow the drugs to take control

There's more but my PC is having a moment so I'll try posting the rest later.

That's all I've got

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