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Thursday, March 5, 2009


I’ve been reading this young man Alex’s journal for quite some time – long before he was well known on youtube and today I went to check out this last week’s worth of entries on his diary. Due to the nature of some of the feedback he’s received he’s considering locking his diary off.

This event occurring = Huge shame.

What ever happened to the little rule your mum’s... or your dad’s... or your guardians. I’ll cover all basis to prevent pedantic fucking comments about political correctness. Oh but I was raised by my twice removed aunt with haemorrhoids! Anyway I digress. What ever happened to the old favourite if you’ve got nothing nice to say don’t say anything? This is one of the few things that shit me about youtube comments! (And is clearly shitting Alex with his diary) They will leave a message like ‘this is shit and I fucked your mum! A simple reply of ‘fuck off’ only adds fuel to the fire as they will come back with some lame retort that’s probably written in text talk as they are either too fucking lazy to write the entire word out or are too fucking stupid to spell! (Not that I can talk about spelling and punctuation!)

Regardless. Alex has an honesty with the world that is rarely seen in this day and age. There’s no underlying i.e what can you do for me scenario with him (Or I at least do not see this) He’s just a young man who’s got the balls big enough to say ‘hey this is me and this is what I think’ To have that ‘locked down’ would personally be a shame.

So the conclusion to the above 325 ish word entry. Read, watch and enjoy what others have to share, but don’t be an asshole by being rude about it in your comments. If you don’t like something or someone, just don’t watch / read their stuff. It’s not rocket science (One YouTube user comes to mind as someone I don’t enjoy watching / listening to or reading what he has to say so I don’t it’s that simple.) Hit that little close button and just don’t return.

*nb – Finding something offensive and making comment on it being offensive is different to saying ‘this is shit’

That’s all I’ve got.

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