Monday, December 7, 2009

My theory worked

I kinda got this theory from the past few days that when I told people I was going to be spending the day writing a little alarm went off in the universe somewhere and people decided they needed to contact me. Either by phone or in person. So the past few day when I had planned to write more of my Nano novel. I didn't as I had people just drop in on me. I don't mind people who come to visit but fucking call first!? I dislike it when people just 'arrive' It's not that hard to phone someone and say - Hey I'm near you is it ok to pop over and say hello? Not just rock up and knock on the door. To me that's rude. If I'm going to call and see a friend I will have PLANNED it in advance, usually with a time i.e I'll come over around 2pm and I do. I arrive at their place at 2pm.

So I went with the theory that I would tell people I wasn't going to write. So big sign up NOT WRITING...... It bloody worked! No one 'dropped' in. No one called, except my mum, but that was about 30 mins ago to tell me it was 36c in her kitchen and that is just ridiculous at 8:30pm at night! Plus she had an unload session about my father!

Anyway..... My Novel I punched out 3,000 words today. Which I'm happy with. I've also thought about how I'll break it up into chapter like sections. I was a little worried just how I'd do that, but I got some inspiration today and once I read out the entire piece I'll know then if my breaking up into bits similar to chapters will work.

It's all about to get turbulent as Zoey and Heath go underground to search for answers, some of which will shock Zoey to the core.... Oooooo If I don't make it as a novelist. I can always get a job as a cover writer, giving the digest or 'hook' of the book to get the readers in.

With that I'm off to kill some Zombies in Left 4 Dead 2 the most awesome game I've played in a while. Going to hack some up with a chainsaw this evening as my weapon of choice.

Until then....

That's all I've got.

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ScoMan said...

It's amazing how gullible the universe is, bug I'm glad you managed to fool it and get some writing done. I know you were getting frustrated.

And I hate the pop in too. I live an hour away from anyone likely to visit without calling, and because of that they always call because an hour is a long way to go if one isn't home. Unfortunately, it also means people forget I'm here until they're driving past the exit on the freeway and use that as an excuse to pop in.

Killing zombies sounds fun, but I'm enjoying assassinating people too much to make the change now.