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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Word count increase - Lucky shirt

I wrote 5,582 words today. I'm putting it down to the shirt I'm wearing as the last time (The only time) I've managed to hit the 5K mark was while I was wearing one of the two shirts I bought for Nano. The first one was an official Nano t-shirt with money going to establish future Nano success. The second was a shirt I bought which I added too. The front came with I Write and on the back I put 'But can't punctuate' I tried to take a photo of it, but it kinda turned out shit. I'll try again and if you can actually READ the shirt, then I'll upload it. Anyway I was wearing the 'I write' t-shirt the day I hit 5K and I'm wearing it again today. So I'm thinking this is my lucky punch out a shit load of words shirt! I'll be pulling it on in the future for assignments that I need to write in a hurry!

So 5,582 words today. I'm so happy with that. I got up early and helped my mum out before heading home mid morning. Then I just got into it. I sat and I wrote, I stopped for lunch and then I came back in this afternoon and wrote some more. I'm extremely happy with the progress point I've got to. Heath has had a dark side erupt to the surface and Zoey has just had something MAJOR happen. So until tomorrow. I'm going to chill out (Literally in the air-con) play some PS3, and probably some L4D2 and just take it easy this afternoon.

It's hot - I mean super hot with a hot westerly breeze! Damn that big dry patch in the centre of Australia what insists on making the winds blow to the East coast!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Here's a new snippet :)

‘Just breathe Heath, in and out deep breaths, you are safe.’ Zoey waited momentarily her body pushed against Heaths in the tight confined space. Heath was thinking of so many other things so that his hormonal teenage body wouldn’t fail him right now with Zoey on top of him.

That's all I've got


ScoMan said...

Very productive day. Well done. And with much zombie slaying still to come. This might be one of the most productive days anyone has ever experienced.

I see L4D2 won Xbox's "Game of the Year". It looks like fun. The first one was fun. (Uncharted 2 won it on PS3)

K.M. Weiland said...

5K in one day is awesome! You go! And could you please send some of that heat toward the U.S.? Our low last week was -31.