Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Slight change of plan - 10 hours later - I'm back

Hello blog readers. I hope you had a nice Christmas should you celebrate it. If not I hope you got an awesome bargain at the boxing day sales should you have had access to a major shopping center! (Though on-line store were offering boxing day sales!)

I'm BACK!!!!!! (Did you miss me?) Yes 10 hours later I'm back at my parents place. Long story short.... My mum's not been feeling well the past few days so we made the decision to pack up early and head back from the back of beyond. We did manage however to leave some much needed rain out at my brothers. As our family has a curse of every time we go on holiday (Any one of us me - my brother- my parents) it rains! However my brother living in a very dusty far west QLD needed the rain, so I didn't mind. I still went swimming in the rain with almost four year old nephew which was RAD!!

Anyway.. I'll be staying on at my mum's for a few days while she gets over this virus thing she has that is making her quite unwell. She slept most of the trip home and is now tucked up in bed. It's a 'need looking after' type of nasty. So I'll take one for the team, as I know she'd come to my place and hold the spew bowl for me if I needed her too!

Anyway. I'm off to find something that resembles food. Though I'm thinking the one pizza store in this town will be getting a visit from me in about 20 mins.

Hope everyone is having a safe yet awesome holiday. Hello to my new followers. I hope you enjoy the ride.

That's all I've got.


ScoMan said...

But I'm not ready for you to be back. Sounds like a nasty virus your mum has. I hope she gets well soon. You're a good daughter.

JustSal said...

Aww Scoman you're so lovely.

Sleepydumpling said...

Sorry to hear your Mum is not well, but it's good to have you with us. I hope you had a lovely Christmas.

quillfeather said...

Nice to have you back Sal. Hope your mum feels better soon.

Hope Santa brought you something nice :)