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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Can happiness come in a can?

The new coke cans for summer have new logos on them - a mixture of four different themes one is a surfboard, the other some cricket stumps, some other design I can't remember and one with the word 'Happiness' written on the side. Can happiness come in a can? I opened my can of happy coke up and took a sip. Sure it made me feel refreshed, it quenched my thirst. But did it make me happy? I don't really know to be honest. I'm not sure I was sad before I consumed some of the beverage. Perhaps they should change the slogan from Happiness, to Feel Refreshed I'm also wondering how many unhappy people have sent their empty can of 'happiness' coke back to the factory complaining there wasn't enough happiness in the can for them (Come on you have to admit there would be ONE person out there who would do there!)

The countdown is on for me to head out to my brothers for x-mas and new years which means two weeks without my dog, and without any access to the internet - so two weeks without a blog update. Two weeks of NO SPOILERS for the final David Tennant Doctor who. Two weeks of remembering a time when there was no internet and people spoke on the phone or wrote letters! Due to my two week Blog absence I'm going to 'try' and put in an entry a day until I leave at 6am on Wednesday morning.

I've purchased, wrapped, labelled and packed the gifts that I need to take out into a box that will hopefully fit into my parents car. We decided it was cheaper to go in one car than to take two, (Better for the environment also!) As I'm no taking my dog with me this time (He's getting too old for 10hr drives) He's staying at my parents place with my Aunt who will be house sitting for them for the two weeks while they are away (Me included of course). My Aunt is a dog person (i.e she has a dog, and is a good dog owner so I know my dog will be in excellent hands) I'm going to miss him though as I'm very attached to to my dog. I shudder when I think what I'll do when his time is up. (Which I hope isn't for a while yet)

With the countdown on to Christmas those readers of this blog who do x-mas I hope it's running as smoothly as it can for you. For those who don't, enjoy the sales on the 26th!

That's all I've got.


Sleepydumpling said...

Didn't you know? Happiness comes in the beauty section of David Jones!

My fat arse it does.

Now I want a can of coke.

Have a great break and I know you're on an iPhone, so keep in touch!

JustSal said...

Oh how I wish I had an iPhone :( I don't though. I've got a Nokia 2700 that does everything like make a phone call and send an sms :P *lol*

My can of coke didn't alter my state of happiness - talk about false advertising!! Hope your coke was enjoyable though :)

ScoMan said...

Coke's doing new cans? Where have I been?

I don't think a can of coke would bring me happiness though. No, it takes at least a DVD to make me happy.

Two weeks? I don't remember authorizing you disappearing for two weeks, and that is the kind of think I would remember.

ScoMan said...

think? Oh crap! Obviously I meant "thing"

Sleepydumpling said...

Oh! I assumed you had an iPhone cos you play Words with Friends!

quillfeather said...

I don't know about cans of happiness, but I do know of bottles - of wine :)

Fun post Sal.