Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 30 - A real sense of accomplishment

Today is the 30th of November – I’ve done a blog entry every day this month, allowing you the readers access to my journey of NanoWriMo for 2009 and it has also given me an outlet to look back at in the future. To hopefully gain something from this time next year when I write a blog entry on how Nano went for 2010!

That feeling I had in the early hours of the morning in blog titled ‘Awesome’ (See Nov 1st) in which I expressed how excited I was at the thought of writing a 50,000 word novel in thirty days, but also the excitement and apprehension of writing my first EVER novel. That excitement is still with me, and the apprehension is there somewhat in relation to ‘where do I go next’ but I take both feelings at this point as a good sign, even though I’m yet to complete my novel as such (At this rate I think it will sit around the 60K mark – however when I edit it will probably drop back to about 55K if I had to have a guess)

What I’m most proud of, is that I worked really hard at this. I did my home work before the 1st of November, with notes in my little note book of characters, and plots, how the stories would arc and link back etc, and I’ve taken those notes and created something that I’m really happy with.

My lead characters name was always going to be Zoey and I’ve stuck with that, However Heath had a few different names from Tom, through to Cooper. However it was Heath that stuck as it’s not a name you hear often, which I think is important. I mean honestly how many books have you read over your time with the lead character called ‘Edward’ yet I’m sure that will be the boy’s name of choice for the next 10 years, just as ‘Harry’ is very popular once again.

Anyway with today being the last day of Nano – I’ve not really written enough to change my final word count (I’ve produced another 600 words) but I’m happy. I’m happy with the mammoth effort of writing 50,000 words in 27 days. I’m happy to be able to say to people. I’ve written a 50,000 word novel, and overall for me personally I’m in a really good place right now. If this is the feeling writing brings to my life, then I’ll definitely be pursuing it in the future. Would I love to be a writer as a ‘job’ yes I would, but I’ll be realistic, I’ll study to be a research librarian and I’ll write novels at night, allowing others to step into my imagination.

To all of you who commented throughout my NanoWriMo journey. I thank you, as your comments and support really did help.

To those who ‘lurked’ I don't bite if you comment I promise!

I hope you enjoyed this month’s daily update. I will attempt to write more often as this outlet has been good for me.

That’s all I’ve got.


ScoMan said...

I've enjoyed taking the journey with you. I'm glad you'll be doing it all again next year.

You've made me think about maybe intending to want to consider writing more than blogs.

quillfeather said...

As ScoMan, said, we have all enjoyed taking the journey with you. I can't believe you actually managed to post a blog each day and write 50,000 words!

You've done yourself very proud.

All the best for your future writing. I'm sure I'll see your name in print one day :)