Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day Twelve - Donuts saved the day

After yesterdays effort for NanoWriMo and my family home I haven’t written anything today. As today was Astroboy day.

I can’t really bein to explain just how heart broken almost four nephew was when it was discovered that NO cinema’s in this area or an hours drive away were showing Astroboy anymore :( He was upset by it as you’d expect.

So we went with next best thing. Ben 10 on DVD at my parent’s place, who have a bloody HUGE TV screen. After finding out there was no screening of Astro boy in any of the cinemas in the area I live. I asked almost four nephew on the phone, what he’s like to do instead of watching Astro and his answer was quick and clear – Ben 10. So I called into Big W on my way to my parents, searched the isles of the DVD department and found Ben 10 on DVD. I brought three of them. (The were $10 each) and headed to my parents, stopping on the way at the Donut shop, collecting Twelve iced donuts and some strawberry milk. Then settled in for a day of Ben 10 on the ‘almost kinda big TV’, which thankfully was a suitable alternative. (Just quietly I think it was the iced donuts that won him over!) Consequently I held onto the Atroboy toy. I’ll give it to him for x-mas I think. He was already upset about not being able to see Astro, so turning up with a toy from the movie wasn’t a smart movie in my opinion.

I have just got home from being at my parents all day. I’ll head back there tomorrow for lunch, and educate both my nephews with ‘Count Duckula’ on Friday the 13th

With no progression in the word count for today.

That’s all I’ve got.

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ScoMan said...

You definitely earned a day off after yesterday's effort.

Here I was thinking Astro Boy had just come out and you're telling me it's gone already?

If you think your nephew was sad, you don't wanna know how I'm feeling. And I don't even have any doughnuts.