Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day twenty-four - Will be more than 50K

I didn't write anything today - I looked over the first 15 days I printed out, and have made some adjustments I'll put in once Nano is over. But after yesterdays effort I'm well ahead of the limit I should be at by today which is 40,800 Therefore I could afford to take the day off, besides I was a little Zoey and Heathed out to be honest.

So today I did nothing - not a thing, I watched some TV, did some washing, and general 'cleaning' around the house and spoke to my brother on the phone.

Tomorrow I'll be back into it as I've got a family thing on Thursday (My Aunt's b'day lunch) + a trip to the dentist :( Urgh the smell makes me nervous. I'm aware that Dentist play an important role on society. However I'm not a fan.

Tomorrow I'll make up for not writing today, and not having a lot of time to write on Thursday. But at this stage i.e where I'm at with the story arc I'll end up going over 50,000 words. If I 'wrap' it up now it will have a super 'rushed' and shit house ending, and I hate books that have a rushed shitty ending! So I'll push past the word limit, and just write the book I want to write. The comp after all asks you to write 50,000 words in 30 days - it doesn't say anything about going over the 50,000 word limit!

Until tomorrow.

That's all I've got

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ScoMan said...

You did totally earn a day off.

Less than a week to go and it's all over. Then what?

Oh right, Christmas and that.