Monday, November 2, 2009

Day Two - Just excuse me while I spew

Day two......

Off to a flying start - punched out 800 words in no time (I love fiction it's so much easier to write than assignment where you have to verify the facts!) Long story short... About 12pm I stopped for lunch, I'd not finished chewing the last mouthful of my sandwich (Ham and cheese if you're interested!) and I get the flashy lights and there's a disco happening in my right eye. For those in Australia who thought they could hear the shouting of the words Fucking fuck fuck FUCK about 12:50pm that was me! When I get a migraine I usually get signs of the tingles and then the flashes etc. This one today snuck up on me and flogged the shit out of me from behind! I'd lost all vision in my right eye in about ten minutes. So I drugged up and did the only thing I could do sleep.

About 45 mins into my dark room, floating drugged up feeling on my bed... this huge wave a nausea rolled over me and for one awful moment I though. That sandwich is about to become a Picasso like painting on the floor. I done the dash to the bathroom in time. My dog - bless him was all worried he knew something was up but just wasn't sure what.

Lemonade...... Lemonade is the champion beverage for any illness from migraines through to the flu! My personal preference is Kirks lemonade (Yes Kirks if you're reading feel free to send me from free stuff!) So I had a glass of Kirks lemonade, took more drugs, went back to bed, this time with a bucket and was out cold. like 'dead' cold as my mum came over and had to let herself in (she has keys) to find me sprawled out on top of my bed - fan on, bucket beside me, glass of lemonade near by. She physically had to 'shake' me to wake me up!

So today's word count is still sitting at 800. I've raised the total however all up to 3,326 as I wrote some more late last night. Working on the average of 1,700 words a day to get 50,000 words in 30 days I'm a bee's dick behind right now. However I'll make it up with out any dramas.

Right now though I'm going to go have some Vegemite on toast - the second best thing for illness.

That's all I've got.

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ScoMan said...

Glad I'm addicted to tuna sandwiches at the moment. Think I'll be off the ham and cheese for awhile or it'll bring up images of vomit.

Anyway, minor setback. You'll get back into it and back on track.

Get well soon.