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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day Nineteen - After a slow start

I started this morning with some distractions, 400 words in I went to the post office to collect this massive thing my brother had sent to my address for our parents for x-mas.

The trip to the PO however turned out well. I walked up the ramp to the post office and seen what I thought was rubbish. It was a book of stamps that I simply assumed someone had used and just dropped instead of putting it in the bin. So I picked it up and Woohoo a full book of 10 x 55c stamps. I then proceeded to go tothe parcel collection part, where I held open the door for a lady who was coming out with her hands full (Good Karma points there). I then collected the aforementioned parcel, and was going to post a package to a friend of mine in QLD - the line inside was epic. So I went outside, put four stamps on the parcel (I probably over compensated - but Meh they were free stamps!) and posted her parcel.

I retuned home, cooked up some Marinated chicken (Master food Portuguese marinade)It was HOT like burning your mouth to the fuck hot! But not green thai curry hot! If you like spicy food with a nice citrus tang I can higly recommend it. Anyway I ate the chicken with some steamed vegies and thought -

Need to Write....

The temperature at this stage hit 39c and well I couldn't be arsed sitting in the heat writing (No I've still not picked up my laptop!) So I watched a movie in the air-con instead. This afternoon however I've been much more productive - I made a salad roll for dinner. I've spoken to my nephew on the phone, Chatted to Scoman and various others over Twitter and I've written a total of 2,317 words so I've increased my word count by 1,900 words.

I was a little worried I maybe repeating myself - I sought advice from the great Scoman and he offered sound advice (Thanks Scoman) and so consequently I've checked over what I've written in the past few days. I don't think I've really gone in circles that I originally thought I had, and I'm forging on with another twist for Heath and Zoey.

I'll leave you with a snippet:

‘I’ve got the plans you want, anything else?’
‘Can you see who that arse was on the corner of junction 533, the one who ran out at us’
‘Yeah, how do I do that?’
Zoey jumped up and was at Heaths side in the time it took him to blink, she took a look at his screen and got him to input a search for....

That's all I've got.

1 comment:

ScoMan said...

I believe that puts you back on track as we hit the two thirds of the way there mark. You're sticking with it and that's great.

And the snippet.. I think that's the best cliffhanger you've left us with. And that's just mean.