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Monday, November 23, 2009

Day TwentyThree - 5K - Hell Yeah!

Five Thousand One Hundred and Forty!

Yes readers I cracked the 5k mark – Thanks to a little encouragement from Scoman (Linkage to him in the ‘sidebar)

Before Flash-forward I had 4,310 words – Sooooo close to 5K – too close in fact to let it slip – so I’ve just punched out the extra 690 words needed to make 5K going that touch further and punching out 830 words to call it a day on a total word count of 43,884 of 50,000

I’m exhausted though, I’m feeling better than this time yesterday – It was just a migraine (I say like like I’ve kicked my toe! Ohh it was JUST a migraine! FML sometimes!!) However the bonus of getting sick at my mum’s is she has the GOOD drugs – she had pain killers and anit-spew meds left over from her Cancer treatment and well – when it comes to me and pain killers for my head – you don’t have to ask me twice if I’d like the ‘stronger’ ones :P (I do NOT condone inappropriate use of prescription pain medication! In all seriousness!!!!!)

So with Nano roaring ahead. I’ll leave you with a snippet from today’s effort and call it a night.

‘Come on Heath – I said hit me!’
Heath jumped to his feet ‘If you stayed still long enough I would’
‘You’re attacker isn’t going to stand still for you. So come on!’
Again Heath rushed Zoey, though this time she didn’t move, and he run straight into her, pushing her to the ground.
‘Right you’ve got me here, now keep me here’ Zoey wiggled slightly, not putting any real effort into it, and Heath grabbed and pinned her arms down. ‘That’s good, but you’re forgetting something’
Zoey pulled her legs up and wrapped them around heath, rolled onto her side, and had him pinned to the ground before he knew what was really happening.
‘Hey no fair’ Heath Complained.

That’s all I’ve got.

1 comment:

ScoMan said...

Congrats on making 5000. That is a huge days work and will make the last 6 days so easy. Do another 5k today and you'll be there.

Heath sounds like one sucky ass ninja. But maybe this is Zoey training him.