Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day Three – Quote of the day

I got an early start this morning. I was up about 7am, had breakfast, re-read over what I’d written (And failed to get written yesterday i.e my notes) and got stuck in early – got two loads of washing on the line, cleaned up, cooked lunch, did some writing, spent time with my mum – which included watching the Melbourne cup, and pretty much did what I could to escape from the heat. I managed to punch put 1,457 words for today. While it’s not the minimum of 1,700 words I’m currently sitting at a total word count of 4,799 words in three days which is 301 words short of the 5,100 by day three that I should be at to make it 50,000 words in 30 days.

The way I look at this is – if I force it – I’ll clamp up and will have no output.

I’ve got the main character, the story arc, who will be introduced, how, when etc their back story and how they are linked to the bigger picture – and finally one of two options for an ending. With my mum’s comment of ‘Please make sure you don’t kill off Zoey!'

For those who don’t know my main protagonist is a girl called Zoey.

Anyway tomorrow I have nothing on all day – I’m free to write when I feel the urge and I’ll undoubtedly punch out at least 2,000 words. Thus getting me ahead – if all goes well I’d love to write tomorrow evening with an update to say I’ve eclipsed 4,000 words! (That would be nice)

I’ve still got a mild headache from yesterdays on-slaught – but it’s nothing compared to what I was faced with yesterday, and I’m still a bit ‘off’ in the stomach – classic signs for me of a monster migraine – especially when I spew!

Highlight of today was "Quote of the day" from my mum. She came back here this afternoon, after her morning appointments to have lunch and watch the running of the Melbourne cup. In the wait for the cup to start, we had lunch, and she watched some of ‘The L Word’ with me. For those who don’t know the show. It follows the lives of various women who are all one large group of friends, but there is A LOT of girl on girl sex. This particular episode that my mum and I watched this afternoon seemed to have more than usual (That was probably only because I was watching it with my mum!) However the episode finished, and I said to my mum. ‘So what did you think?’

Her response was priceless. ‘Do you have that much sex! All those girls seemed to do was shag!’

I laughed my head off, and told her I only wished I had that much sex! So an insight for my mum into Lesbian-land ( The term Lesbian-land is a term of endearment used by my brother!) as portrayed on TV. Lesbians have a lot of sex. I’ll leave you all with that thought.

That’s all I’ve got.

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ScoMan said...

When I saw the title of the post I was hoping for a quote from your writings you were particularly proud of. While it wasn't what I was hoping for, it did make me laugh.