Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day TwentySix - Family

Today was a solid day of family stuff (Plus the dentist!!) My cousin and I made our way to my mum's place which we timed well as my Aunt hadn't arrived at that stage, so we could 'literally' hide her son as the super surprise.

She finally arrived, he nicked around from the back to the front and rang the doorbell, in which I answered and told her there was a delivery for her out the front the 'lady' needed her to sign for it, as it was for her. So thinking nothing of it, she went out the front to be greeted by her son. As expected it was a lovely moment, as she thought he was still interstate.

Long day cut short.
Family stuff for morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

I went to my dentist appointment at 3pm. I told the dentist that while he's lovely. The smell of his office is very off putting, that combined with the sound of the whizzing drill from the patient before me sent my blood cold. Thankfully my teeth are all good, and no fillings were required, it was just a general check up.

Back to my mum's for dinner more 'family' conversing, and then I went home. I had planned to get into Nano this evening, but I'm a little stuffed after the long day Which I also managed to fit a haircut into! - Talk about multi-tasking!

So with my current word count sitting officially on the Nano site of 45,426 I'll head off and watch David Tennant on the Graham Norton show and goto bed.

I'll tackle Nano tomorrow and expand the notes I made during today. I've decided on a happy / bitter sweet ending...

(Scoman I'm sorry to tell you.... Heath won't make it throught Ninja school!!!)

That's all I've got.

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ScoMan said...

Sounds like a great day. Except the dentist bit. And maybe the haircut too. But the family stuff is awesome.

Heath not making in through Ninja school I guess means there's room for me to apply. Hooray!