Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day Seven: Part Two Quick Snippet

Just thought I'd throw a snippet in from today's writing. - Final word count in total is 11,019

The following is a piece of the conversation with Heath (The male lead) and his Grandmother.

‘It’s ok, because out of no where this girl came and saved me.’
‘Oh really? Who was this girl?’
‘You’ll never guess.’
‘I doubt I will, so just tell me, sweetheart.’ she was short, but meant well.
‘Zoey River, Gran! Zoey River saved my life!’
'Sergeant Rivers daughter?’
'Yes Gran, Sergeant Rivers daughter. She just appeared out of nowhere, and totally annihilated James and his boys, well she scared his gang off, but she totally kicked James’s arse.’
‘Butt sweetheart, or behind’
‘Sorry Gran, she totally kicked James’s butt, really taught him a lesson, he won’t be worrying me ever again.’

So my protagonists name is Zoey River. Her father's a sergeant in the military, and she's kicking 'arse' I mean butt!

That's all I've got.

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ScoMan said...

Loving Gran (wait.. ew..)

Anyway I think she should get her own spin off. Both because she's a great character and because I get to read more of your writing (even though you haven't finished this one yet)