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Monday, November 16, 2009

Day Sixteen - If the bloody internet would work I could post this!

It’s hot – like super bloody hot, like sweating in your own bloody sweat hot – it’s 7pm in the evening and still bloody 37c THIRTY SEVEN it’s only November – I feel for those poor people in South Australia that’s had this heat for a week. One day I've had it and I’m already bitching…. I’m off to collect my laptop tomorrow night so I can sit and write NanoWroMo in the comfort of the air-conditioning in my bedroom.

I’m looking at breaking into the PS3 cash stash for air-con in the lounge room, they have a kelvinator split system on special atm installed for $800 that’s like beyond cheap… So I’ll make my decision in the next few days. PS3 or Air-con in the lounge room.

I got just over 2,000 done today. (By just over 2,000 I literally mean 2,004!) But I’m sweltering here even as I type this. So it’s ice-cream and DVD’s in the comfort of my bedroom this evening, that’s after I watch FlashForward. So I can be a good Flash Forward buddy to Scoman!

I’ll stop typing, upload this and go get my ice-cream on!

Here is today’s snippet.

Zoey pulled the door ajar wide enough to allow herself and Heath to slip into the gap, the movement sensors made the lights inside come on, and there amongst equipment that had belonged to her Dad such as vests, helmets, gloves, and clothing, primarily boots, some of which were still in their boxes. Was a H11723 ENV Motorcycle.
‘Holy shit! You have an ENV Motorcycle?’
‘No my dad had one, but I guess it’s mine now.’
Heath went over to get a closer look. ‘Can I touch it?’
Zoey laughed. ‘Of course you can, you’re going to be on the back of it shortly!’
‘Really, you’re going to take me on a ride on this thing?’ Heaths eyes wide with excitement

That’s all I’ve got.

Actually it's not all I've got - I've just had to load three different fucking browsers to get this page to load and I've been reduced to using IE FFS! People might shit on Internet Explorer but fuck me it's the ONLY browser I have loaded on this PC that's bloody working right now!

Now...... THAT IS all I've got!

1 comment:

ScoMan said...

You're the best Flash Forward buddy a boy could ask for.

Ninjas and motorcycles.. sounds like the best story a boy could ask for.

And I've found the same thing.. IE will do what other browsers won't.