Friday, November 20, 2009

Day Twenty - Wet and not in a nice way!

As the sweat runs off me in this chair - I'm wet and not in a good way. Good way being - well do I need to spell it out!! Clearly from WALKING in the rain!!! (You filthy readers who thought of something sexual! Shame on you it's way too hot for that kinda action!) Anyway I'm typing at record fast speed hoping for not too many typos as I can't be arsed checking them (That's code for it's too bloody hot to care!) So I'll give a super quick lightning fast update.

Today was hot (See picture above) and it's still is quite hot, though not 41c as it was at 3pm when I took that photo!

I've written 1,059 words today, giving me a total of 34,402 words which is 402 ahead of day twenty target of 34,000 words exactly.

I did manage to go grocery shopping, and bought some Jelly.. MMmmmm Jelly. I was never aware that Aeroplane Jelly put out so many flavours. I walked out the door with six different flavours. I have a lemon and lime one setting in the fridge overnight. As I personally believe on a hot day jelly and ice-cream counts as a part of a balanced meal :P (In my world it does!) Though I need to watch what I'm sticking in my head, as I was at my mum's the other day and got on the Wii fit I've put on weight since I last wii'ed (Is Wii-ed a word?) I'm sure you know what I mean. Though my argument is muscle weighs more :P

Anyway... Life is here to be lived, and if that means I eat white chocolate tim-tams with my cup of tea then so be it, at least I can say I died happy :P Have any of you tried the new white chocolate tim-tams - they are extremely sweet, but Oh so nice!

Anyway I digress.... It's hot, I didn't make the 1,700 word limit I'm suppose to for the day but I'm still ahead by 402 words - so that's a bonus and an early mark from the heat. I AM picking up my laptop tomorrow. So I'll be able to write in the air-con comfort, as with nine days left of NanoWriMo I'd best put the excuses on the shelf and start punching out words!

That's all I've got.


quillfeather said...

I should comment on your update, however, I'm not going to...

What I'm about to say instead, is this: Since I've been following your blog your writing has gone from strength to strength.

I love how you've grown as a writer. Good stuff :)

ScoMan said...

Hopefully you get the nice change we're currently experiencing here. Windows and doors open and a cool breeze blowing through.

Good to see you're still ahead of the game as we hit the home straight.