Sunday, November 29, 2009

No Nanno

I'd originally planned to tie up the loose ends of my novel today, however that old saying the best paid plains (insert however it goes because I can't really remember it!) went south about mid morning when I had 'unexpected' visitors.

My Sunday mornings are well routine pretty much. I get up whenever I wake up, go out get the Sunday paper, bread, milk and a cake (Today was an apple pie) and I return home, make a cup of tea, and read the aforementioned paper which I purchased, usually eating the cake for morning tea. Or breakfast depending on how 'healthy' it is. As today's cake had fruit in it - I passed it off as a 'healthy' snack. Clearly ignoring the sugar encrusted on the lid of the pie!! But meh life's here to be lived and all that (Insert another cliché`)

With paper, tea and apple pie in hand. I had just taken the last bite and was washing it down with a nice gulp of tea when my dog answered the door for me (The bonus of not having a door bell that works. I've got a boxer dog who barks!) I stop what I'm doing an answer the door.

You know those relatives you never stay in contact with because you well - don't like them! It was those relatives. The ones who never show up unless they a) want something b) want something c) see a + b. I realise how nasty that sounds but I've not seen these particular relatives in FIVE years! FIVE and out of the blue they just happened to be in the area and thought they'd 'drop in', which is total bullshit as I've not lived in this house for FIVE years! But anyway!!!!!

I was a pleasant host. I offered them tea and coffee and the few assorted sweet biscuits I had left. They chatted generally..... Then they hammered me for information re another relative who has come into some money after their partner died. I was like you fuckers! I know approx what this relative got re estate money etc - but I wasn't telling them shit! I just point blank lied, and said I didn't know, though I couldn't help myself with the dig 'But I didn't see you at the funeral!'

Which brings me to the question I'd like to pose to you readers.

If you could 'remove' certain people who unfortunately you are related too. Who would you and why? No names required, just what they have done which is just shit that makes you wish you didn't know them, let alone be unfortunate enough to be related to them.

I got rid of them eventually. I pretty much got up and walked them to the door! My house was like a sauna and well to be honest I wanted nothing more than to relax in the ONE room I have with air-con. After they left I cranked up the air-con in my room, and went in for a Nanna nap. I've since had my 'almost four' nephew call me to share his tiny teddy biscuits over the phone with me, with the direct quote of 'Here's your one Sal (Sound of biscuit on the mouthpiece of the phone) Oh.. I'll eat it for you.... ok?'

Tomorrow is the 30th of November. The current plan as it stands now it to write tomorrow, and get some of the loose ends tied up. However having reached the 50,000 word goal I feel I've achieved something huge, but with the novel not finished. I know I've still got work to do.

That's all I've got.


Sleepydumpling said...

Pretty much all of my family. Other than my Grandparents (whom I can take in small doses), I don't want anything to do with any of them!

Cate P said...

One brother, one no particular order...perhaps a double whammy would be good.

ScoMan said...

When my grandmothers second husband passed away, his sons who he'd not heard from for years (even though he had the police leave a message for them to call him when he found out he had cancer) turned up at his funeral. In jeans and a tshirt.

My grandmother told them what she thought of them too, and good on her I say. These people who hear about a death, paricularly the death of a family member, and think "How can I benefit from this?".. they're just sick.