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Friday, November 6, 2009

Day Six - Slack arse!

I wrote 200 words today! Just call me a slack arse!

I just wasn't in the writing place. I did 'try' but I just fiddled with the words I'd already written. Then my afternoon was out. I had lunch with some friends, had a bit of a shop, purchased the new Transformers DVD from Big W (It was the lowest price!) and then went over to my mum's to help her with the new computer she just bought. She ordered it Tuesday, they had it built and ready for her to collect today. So I went over and helped her set it up when she got home. (This also consisted of dinner being cooked. Lasagne that was just superb! Plus I got a 'take home' container, which I'll have for lunch tomorrow.

But back to the new desktop machine my mum's just bought (The first computer she's ever bought outright, as the one she had was bits and pieces from my old machines I'd put together for her.) I have to say I just drooled. The bloke gave her a brilliant price for what she got - it's a beast with quad core processors a massive 4 gig of Ram etc.

I've just got home, and have helped my cousins and his partner with some problems with their computer over the phone. If it 'all turns to shit' they are both coming to my place tomorrow in the hope I can fix it (I should start charging for my services!) I'm happy to help when I can and besides both boys are great fun to hang out with.

Overall though I think I needed today, a day free of thinking about plot lines, story arc, character development. Tomorrow I have nothing planned, so I'll attempt for an early start and get the word count back on track.

I'm off to watch the Transformers DVD I bought today.

That's all I've got.

1 comment:

ScoMan said...

You should have tried the "Mum, I'm feeling generous and for what you're going to use the computer for you'd probably be better suited to a machine like the one I've got, so I think I'd be willing to swap with you"

You never know, it's worth a shot.

Yeah you can't be all about writing all of the time or you'll burn out and be sick of it by the 14th.

Have a productive day.