Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day Ten: -------------------------

Word count = 0 Zero, zip, nadda, nothing, not a word onto the page / screen for today.

The reason for this is I’ve been out all day with various appointments (I actually thought they were next Tuesday but anyway). So my day has been taken up with poking and prodding from various people and ‘those in the know!’ In my time between appointments / waiting for results etc. I shopped for x-mas presents for my family. I also came across the massive amount of Astro boy merchandise released in conjunction with the movie. I bought my ‘almost four’ nephew a little action figure so he can have something to play with while I attempt to keep him entertained on the car ride to the ‘Big TV’ aka the cinema, and I bought my other little nephew a stuffed thing from that secret garden show he’s apparently right into the blue monster thing. (It’s fucking disturbing if you ask me!) I’ll break him into the good wholesome shows like Gumby don’t you worry!!!

Other than that, it was an exhausting day of various doctors, and other ‘shit’ and the conclusions is they still have no answers for me re my migraine issues. The advice they are giving me atm is to ‘increase’ the preventer medication…. Well fuck me sideways! I paid how much to hear something that I fucking worked out myself?!? Anyway… I’ll do as they suggest and talk to my brother about it when he gets here tomorrow. (My brothers a Doctor for those who don’t know) and see what his thoughts are on it all. I hate asking him medical stuff (For the record I rarely do, he however asks me to fix his computer all the time, so I guess the odd free medical advice makes up for it!!) The reason I don’t like to ask my brother for medical advice is well to me he’s just my brother, whilst he is a doctor, when I look at him, and speak with him he’s just my brother. If that makes sense.

So with ZERO on the word count. I have the following to achieve tomorrow before 3pm when my family arrives. Punch out a minimum of 2,500 words. No excuses, that’s just how it has to be.

That’s all I’ve got.

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ScoMan said...

Well, at least now NEXT Tuesday is free, so I guess you didn't really lose anything.

It sucks your doctors still have no answers for you. They talk about how far medical science has come, and they can't cure a headache.

If it helps you get to 2,500 words tomorrow, just picture a tough thug type that'll beat you up if you don't get there. Scare yourself on target.