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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day four - Part one - This is for Scoman

Thanks to Scoman for his comment on my blogs (You are a champion) Actually thanks to everyone who comments - it makes me feel worthy of your time.

However this one goes out to the Scoman! Here is a 'snippet' from yesterdays effort - which is the lead in line for todays writing.

Whether the cells did cause pain, Zoey wasn’t prepared to test it out. It was more than her life was worth to open that particular door right now.

So as not to leave you up in the air too much! *lol* Zoey has just described a security holding device, which is part of the security check points between sections within the larger zone.

I'll post another 'snippet' for you later today.

That's all I've got. For the moment :)

*Late update* This will be the lead in line for tomorrow (day five) writing.

she closed her eyes, and attempted to shut off her brain to the day’s events in the hope to start a fresh tomorrow.

So that's officially 'All I've got'


ScoMan said...

I know. I'm awesome. People really don't tell me that enough.

Anyway, the snippet makes me want to know more about what comes after it. And before it. Just what is all around it.

Hillbilly Duhn said...

Oh Sco, charming peeps again! lol

quillfeather said...

I've just popped a little something on my blog for you. Check it out :)