Monday, November 9, 2009

Day Nine: 2000 word limit achieved

So I stopped procrastinating, and punched out over 2,000 words today. I’m happier today with what I wrote than yesterday. Today I just fell into the grove of the character, and made her come alive on the page. This was aided by the council cutting down trees out on the front street at 8am! A bloody chainsaw going off at 8am! So I had some time to plan and think about the direction I was going to take her today while they made a massive noise out on the front street. They (The tree cutters) had wrapped up by 10:30am.

With a hot cup of tea, I knuckled down and just wrote, stopping for some lunch before heading back in and punching out about another 200 words. Calling it a day @ 2,356 words. I’m technically on even par according to the official Nano site’s little ‘graph’ on where I am and where I should be, by day nine. Though my math states that as of day nine @ 1,700 words per day that equates to a total of 15,300 and my current total is 14,963 – so 364 words short is well a bee’s dick in reality.

So here is a snippet from today’s writing.

Zoey took a deep breath, and snapped the splitter onto the frequency of the LED panel. She opened her eyes, and breathed a sigh of relief, it worked, and hadn’t tripped the alarm.

I'm off to bed as my uterus is currently falling out (Females will understand - and Scoman who got a delightful explanation on twitter!) Tomorrow I’ve got some appointments to go to, but will be ploughing ahead in time for my Astroyboy date on Thursday.

That’s all I’ve got.

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ScoMan said...

Wow. 2000 words in a day is a big effort. Another few days. Of that and you'll be well on track by Thursday.

Surprised no council workers were brutalized with a chainsaw in the snippet. Guess that's elsewhere in the 2356 words.