Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day Twenty-Two - I got my laptop back

Hello Blog readers.

Yes as you can see from the heading I got my laptop back :) YAY... I can now officially write in the comfort of the air-conditioning of my bedroom to finish out the final week of NanoWriMo in relative comfort.... Comfort right now is the key word.

I'm at my mum's as I type this. I came here today to get my laptop as she's borrowed it to check out Windows 7 before buying her beast of a PC (Which I'm currently typing on!) I arrived and promptly spewed in her front garden! *lol* I know that's terrible. Yet I find it highly amusing... you can all visualise it with me now 'Hi Mum - *Blurk* - 'Yeah not feeling the best!'

I originally put it down to a migraine as I had a headache before I left to goto my Mum's and simply assumed the headache turned to a migrane from the heat and the drive etc. But nooo I think I've got something else - a 'nasty' of some kind.

But I'd forgotten how nice it is to be sick and have someone there for you :) (It's something living on your own you really miss sometimes especially when you're sick - well I do anyway!) So I'm here in the air-conditioned house of my mums. Online on her PC that is lightning fast, doing a blog update to let all my followers (All 11 of you!) know that I'm still on track for Nano - I wrote 1,813 words this morning before heading to my mum's place. A) because I wanted to get that 1,700 word hump out of the way and b) so I could have a 'relaxing' afternoon. I'd originally planned to try and get the 3K mark when I got 'home' this evening - but I'm in no condition to write atm :(

So depending on how I'm feeling tomorrow (That's code for if my mum thinks I'm well enough to go home!) I'll be heading off mid morning, otherwise I'll be getting my Nano on from my Mum's place tomorrow and head home Tuesday. Thankfully I have a well travelled dog, who is the sort that goes everywhere with me - so he's here loving the house with full air-conditioning, and chasing the cats / birds / anything that moves including the sprinkler in the backyard at my mum's place. (That's code for my mum is spoiling him rotten!)

Speaking of Rotten! That's my cue - I'm out for the evening. I do hope everyone is feeling A LOT better than I am right now. As this nasty is exactly that 'nasty'

That's all I've got

** No snippet today as my file is on my PC at my place. (Sorry Scoman)


ScoMan said...

I hope you get well soon. You seem to get ill quite often. Poor Sal.

Being sick and living alone is hard. But it's kind of cool too I guess. It makes me feel like a big man to heal myself, like I'm some sort of superhero.

A mediocre superhero, but a superhero nonetheless

JustSal said...

My brother summed me up once with the following quote 'Sal you're just a constant headache with an occasional day off" :P I suffer badly from Migraines which is the biggest ailment that causes my unwellness. This particular one was just a 'super nasty one' but the bonus of being at my mums = better drugs :) Back on board now about to get into Nano for the day.

Scoman you make superhero 'awesome' :P