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Friday, February 17, 2012

How do our brains work?

Why is it exactly that at approximately 3am is when the best ‘idea’s come to me – when I’m in bed, comfortable and not in a place to write the idea’s down? Is that my brain being an arsehat? Or is it just a point, when I seem to be the most creative? (Can you tell I took notes at 3am) I did take notes – or actually I downloaded an app to allow me to record my voice on my ipod. So instead of ‘writing’ my ideas – I just spoke them into this app, it saved what I said, and I’m now re-playing it back to myself. (I am actually quoting myself here!) At 3am I thought of all these amazing blog ideas, thing to make people want to come to my site and read what I have to say, but then I roll over, and I’m back into the ZZzzzzz… I can’t remember what I thought when I woke up. Random thought: I was driving today. Did you know that trying to spit out a mint (I won’t name the brand) that has gone a bit ‘off’ out your window whilst doing 100Km/ph causes the mint to fly out, and back into the car, landing on your lap!!!! Would have been easier and less messy to spit it into my hand, and place it out the window. (It’s a MINT – it’s going to biodegrade – Getting in early for all the hippies who want to have an Environment rant!) That’s all I’ve got.

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