Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rules on kissing people!!

Hi readers,

How are we all? I'm sick :( Yes I want to come on here bitch and moan about my illness and hope to get some sympathy from you all :) Did it work? I can hear a few 'oh suck it up Sal!'

How did I get sick? Well here is my theory...

On Friday night a group of us went out for dinner. (Don't skip ahead it's not food poisoning) What I want to know is... when did kissing people on the mouth become the new 'greeting'? I mean these people are 'friends' of mine, but none of them I want to kiss ON THE MOUTH! so they all just dive in for the lip kiss - one in particular then announced she hoped we'd all get whatever it was she'd had! How fucking nice is that!

Being sick sucks, it drains you of your energy, you feel like a spew all the fucking time, your head pounds.... Oh wait - isn't that just the 'woman' curse!' yes I got blessed with my uterus falling out the other morning at 3am also! (YAY for me) However this 'illness' has progressed and I even phoned to try and get into the doctors this afternoon.......... I know I'm clearly unwell if I think I'll seriously get into see the doctor in under two weeks by which stage I'll be well again and I'll be just taking someone else's appointment who is 'really sick'

So I'll take my bucket, and haul my arse back out onto the lounge watch some TV and hope like hell this 'virus' passes and people stop bloody kissing me!! (Ewwwww) and I manage to get some decent amount of Uni work done - the bonus to all this (Yes there is a bonus) this is the 'off' week of lectures so I've got one less worry about non attendance.

That's all I've got

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ScoMan said...

I think the kiss on the lip greeting must just be something you crazy Northeners do. Nobody greets by kissing on the lips down here.

Get well soon Sal.