Monday, June 22, 2009

Middle of June

I've just literally walked in the door after returning home from a holiday out with my brother and my nephews. I had a wonderful time hanging out with the boys, playing soccer, watching movies, running races etc. Kids grow up so fast its a little freaky. I worked out I've not been to my brothers house in two years. So I'll try and make sure that it's a smaller gap between visits next time.

Just a quick update to say it's all about to kick off here with semester two of Uni starting on Wednesday. I've read two of the eight books so far, though haven't had a chance to look at anything else. Need to work on the time management side of things. I have become a quicker reader thought, I'd not have been able to get through 500+ pages per book in a week in the past, but I've managed over 1,000 pages in two weeks. So I'm quite happy with that.

Off to sort out stuff for class on Wednesday and start book number three.

Hope life in generally 'good' to all who are reading this.

That's all I've got

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