Sunday, April 11, 2010

200th post

This is my 200th post!

Way back in July 2008 I posted my first post in this blog. Now a year and a half later (Well close enough!) I'm writing my 200th post.

Will there be exciting revelation in this monumental occasion?

Ummm let see.....

I have brown hair and brown eyes.
I'm right handed.
I broke my middle toe on my right foot about 14yrs ago.
My favourite colour is blue
I have tattoo's
I want more tattoo's
I like Green Day.
I broke my right hand when I was 13 in a fight :( (It was self defence!)
I like strawberry milk / yoghurt / ice-cream.
Cliff Richard is my gay icon!! (Don't be dissin the Cliff!)

So..... How was that? Have you learnt something new? or will I be hearing from Sco saying. Blah tell us something we don't already know! Hi Sco, you know I think you're #Rad!

Technically I should be finishing up the assignment that is due tomorrow, however the 'Bogan' sized can of mother (It's an energy drink, like redbull) I drank this afternoon to 'perk me up' has kinda done the reverse of what it's suppose to do, and instead of waking me up and giving me energy, it's switched my brain to hibernate and I can't really concentrate on this assignment. **OR** maybe the Bogan has started to leech into me.... HELP!!!!!!!!!! *Sprays anti-bogan spray around*

**Please note a 'Bogan' is similar to a Chav in the UK, I'm not sure what the equivalent is in the states - maybe just 'stupid'!!

So in celebration of my 200th post. I give you this gem of an image: No it's not me - Pfff like that would happen!

This is my 'almost two' nephew, getting into the outdoor action. Which involves putting on the correct 'footwear' i.e boots... even if they are his dads :)

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ScoMan said...

Wil Anderson once described "Bogan" to an American guest on the Glass House as "Almost a halfway there redneck".. I think that's a good description.

I didn't know about the broken toe or the fight.. so there you go, I did learn something new.

Cute pic of your nephew.