Friday, April 9, 2010

Deep Heat and Dog Pyjamas

I kinda injured my ankle a few weeks ago, just how I'm not sure, but it's been kinda sore for a few weeks. I 'managed' to get into the Dr's today (After waiting three weeks) He had a poke and a prod at my ankle, said something about tendons and my Achilles and suggested anti-inflammatory and deep heat, before going to the expense of an ultrasound etc.

I've not used deep heat in probably 15 years. So consequently I forgot just how 'heated' it gets. I rubbed some in (With gloves - thanks to the chemist for giving me the heads up there. I think I've mentioned before she's 'stunning'!) waited about five minutes and thought - well this is shit! So I put some more on.... It was starting to heat up while I was rubbing in the 2nd dose. So lesson learnt - do be impatience wait about 10 mins as it will get hot.

On other news. I went out last night for my Uncle's 50th birthday dinner. I was due there at 6pm, so I got into the shower at 5:40pm got out went to get dressed. JEANS didn't fit! I bought these new jeans at the beginning of February, and now it's the beginning of April and they don't fit! I know the cause of it, shitty food, and consuming my body weight in chocolate over the Easter period.

So starting Monday. I'm getting of my arse and back into the exercise routine, back onto the bike, and walking the dog twice a day, as he too is putting on the beef. He's spoilt rotten though, Re food and smacko's so I only have myself to blame. But if I'm getting exercise, then so is he. He'll be getting long walks in the morning, and shorter normal walks in the afternoon, we'll both be back to our usual self in no time - Plus he needs to loose a bit of weight so he'll fit into his winter pyjama's Yes my dog has pyjama's for winter, as he's a short haired dog, and feel the cold.

*Anyone* stating that my dog wears a dress, will receive a growl from my dog (True story there) A friend of my mum's came over to my place in winter time last year, laughed and said my dog was wearing a dress. Scoob growled at him, and I was like Ooooo shit here we go. I told him (My mum's friend) to watch it, as Scoob is sensitive about his fashion!!! (which was code for Fuck off you arsehole!)

I handed in my uni assignment today which was due today, and I've got the one due Monday 'started' but I'll be working non-stop on that over the weekend. Now however is the point where I remove myself from my computer, and find something to eat, watch a movie and call it a night.

That's all I've got.


K.M. Weiland said...

Hilarious about the double dose of deep heat. Hope it didn't burn anything. ;)

ScoMan said...

I love deep heat. I've never thought about wearing gloves though. Sometimes I pray for a muscle injury just to lather it in deep heat.

Happy 50th to your Uncle.

My parents dog used to have a pink jumper she'd wear in winter as she got older. She kept wriggling out of it though. She was a dog with a sense of style too.