Monday, April 5, 2010

Life Long Friendship

My friend Trudee (Trude for short) came over today and hung out with me, she's about to pull up stumps and move to Western Australia forever :( She leaves on Friday! Trude and I meet while working for the same employer (The one known as bend you over and fuck you in the arse!) as they bent me over and fucked me and they did the same to Trude. So after the ex-work bitching was out of the way, we just hung out, ate cake, drank tea /coffee had some lunch and just generally enjoyed one another's company.

Trude is the sort of friend that you meet and there's just an instant connection. She knew the moment she met me I was gay, but didn't mention it until I came out to her almost 12 months later. Which she was cool about, said the 'I kinda knew' but was still. It's your business etc. (Though she does always keep an eye out for a 'nice girl' for me! Bless her.)

So Trude's been fucked over by our ex-employer, she's got her redundancy money and she's off. She's off to see what Australia has to offer in the ute and caravan she bought. I say Rock on you go girl! She's a free spirit who can make anywhere her home, which I think is awesome.

Sometimes people come into your life for a short while then leave. Others you know you'll have a friend in them for life. With Trude. I know I could call her up or visit her in three years time, and it would only seem like yesterday since I seen her. Friends like that are unique, and I'm grateful to have meet Trude, who will be a life long friend of mine.

That's all I've got.

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ScoMan said...

Sounds like you've got a great friend in Trudee. It's a shame she's leaving you, how dare she?

But hey, at least you can visit her if she hits anywhere in Australia you want to see and know you'll have someone there to hang out with.