Thursday, April 22, 2010

A quick test of your typing ability... with your eyes shut.

I was in the kitchen today making a cup of tea and my mum was typing an e-mail to which she said to me – I can’t find the L key it’s run away. My answer was third line down four from the right, as I continued to make my cup of tea, all in my stride, as though I was telling someone how to turn on a tap!

My mum then does the ‘wow that’s amazing I bet you could type with your eyes closed…… (You know where this is heading.)

So I had a crack at writing something, anything with my eyes closed.
This is what I managed to come up with (This is not edited in anyway, this is how it came out after typing with my eyes closed.)

This is me attempting to write with my eyes cloed. I’m not sure just how this will go, but I’m haing a crack.

Not bad really, when I think about it, a couple of typos there.

If someone asked me tomorrow, where is the N on a keyboard, I’d have to think about it, I know where L is because L is in Sal and I use L a lot, but N isn’t high on my list of characters I use every day. So I’d have to stop and think about it, visualise it in my mind. I know N is on the bottom row / or 4th line down, as I’ve just used the letter N a few times in that last sentence.

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this blog post now, as I just watched auto correct, correct a word I spelt wrong as I typed it. So maybe my ability to type with my eyes shut is really quite bad, and it’s the auto-correct that has got me over the line.

The researcher in me would state that I’d need to put in place the same sentence structure for each of you, so we all had to type the same thing, so we can evenly compare how we all type with our eyes closed.

Eyes closed typing and touch typing is different, as you’re watching the screen as you touch type (Which is what I’m doing right now) so you know if you’ve got the correct letters. Eyes closed though…. Totally different story.

So I ask you blog readers to ‘have a crack’ at typing with your eyes closed with the following sentence below, so we’ll all get the same results to compare.

*This is me attempting to write with my eyes closed. I’m not sure just how this will go, but I’m having a crack*

Stick em in the comment’s and no cheating.

That’s all I’ve got.

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ScoMan said...

Pssshhh.. easy peasy..

This is me attempting to writte with my eyes closed. I'm just not sure how this will go, but I'm having a crack.

Okay, other than the double T (totally the keyboards fault) I nailed it.

Plus I forgot what the sentence was.