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Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm a gamer chick :)

The first video game console I was ever exposed to was an Atari – in which we played ‘pong’ It was the original ping pong / table tennis game – thus the name ‘pong’

Want to know more – click here (Link to Pong stuff)

After that we upgraded to the legendary Commodore 64 in which space invaders, and pac man were the games of the ‘times’

Eventually my brother went off to Uni and got a computer. This is when Wolfenstien 3d entered my life… It was so cutting edge and it was epic – my brother had this game, and a lotus car game. A lot of hours were spent on these two games when he’d bring his PC home on school holidays.

Not long after this I myself got a computer. It was the mid 90’s Window 95 was ‘huge’ and I entered the world of Duke Nukem 3D (Possibly one of my all time favorite PC FPS of all time – it was a delight to hear that the ‘rumors’ surrounding it’s return are looking more like truth than lie atm. (Click here for more info of new Duke Nukem Forever)

Sony entertainment released their first PlayStation, not long after many hours of 'Suck it down' (Duke reference there) I got a PlayStation as a birthday gift from my family. I loved this gaming platform, and I was thrust into the world of car racing, tomb raiding and slaying of zombies in Medievil.

Which brings me to my post today.

The other week I got a PSN card for my PlayStation 3 it allows you to buy games from the play station network (PSN) without having to give your credit card details etc. So I decided to shop in the ‘old school’ section.

To my delight they have both Tomb Raider and Medievil. I loved Medievil it was a fun game, you killed zombies and worked out puzzles etc. So I bought it for $8.00. I played if for the first time in about 13 years yesterday afternoon. I had to admit I can’t remember a lot of the game, so it’s kind of like playing it for the very first time. The graphics are very dated, and it was a little lagging at times on my PS3. but over all it was #rad.

While this game will produce new memories for me playing it in 2010. I guess I can never beat the memories that were first etched into my memory playing it back in the late 1990’s.

Overall – Gaming is a huge part of my life, and I’m proud to say that I’m a gamer chick, who also happens to be a geek and a nerd :)

Got the trifecta happening there, which I’m very happy with.

That’s all I’ve got.

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ScoMan said...

The first game I played was on an atari. Some monster rampage game at a friends place.

I remember many happy hours playing Duke Nukem 3D as well, and I've downloaded it from Xbox arcade to relive those good old days.

I love this being able to download old games thing. What a #rad time we live in.