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Thursday, September 9, 2010

B B B Bloging

I've got that David Bowie song in my head 'chh chh chh changes' Why? I'm not sure though at a guess I'd say it's just one of those random things. It beats the hell out of the bloody awful music the bogan neighbors play at top note. I got 'Galveston' on repeat this morning... Fuck I HATE that song. They are clearly country music fans, though I think one of them does like Queen, which is alright.

Hello to my new follower. I'm slowly increasing my numbers I've got 26 now :) Ta Daa

Talking of Ta Daa. Those who read this blog who are in Australia, the one commercial on TV at the moment that drives me insane is those coles ads with the little girl who totally steals the display items, then screeches at the top of her lungs 'look mum! Ta Daaa' I just want to put up a sign over the top of that kid saying - 'Yet another reason for birth control'

I'm almost at the end of this semester of Uni - it (The end) can't come soon enough. I should be writing assignments right now, but I'm taking time out to write a blog. Then I'll get back into it. There's only so much time you can look at sole parent welfare to work reforms in one sitting.

I'll stop procrastinating, I want to make my word count I set myself for today,(1,500) so I can have a little nanna nap this afternoon. Only 300 words to get there.. I should piss that in.

That's all I've got.


ScoMan said...

You know there are 265 words to this post. If you'd applied those to your assignment, you'd almost be at 1500 by now.

The ad I hate at the moment is the "more"... "more" Toyota ads.

I swear it's the salespersons last day. They're like "Yeah, more, whatever"

Jewels Diva® said...

I hate the Coles ad too. I just wanna slap that kid upside the head.

And I got sick to death of all the election ads that were going a few weeks ago.

Although I do love the ANZ ads with Barbara.

Scoman, can't place the ads you mean.