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Friday, August 20, 2010

An abundance of TV shows

Hello Readers,

Thanks to @thisisscoman I’m now a *huge* fan of Dexter – to the point that I can refer to myself in the presence of Sco as the ‘Lundy Fan girl’ Yes I love Lundy (If you don’t watch Dexter you have no idea what I’m talking about, if you do. I’m sure you’ll agree.) I think it’s to do with the fact that he’s an older dude, who can still pull the young chicks aka Deb. Now Deb is *smoking* hot and the actresses who plays the characters in this case Jennifer Carpenter is officially on my list of celeb’s I’d shag in a heart beat. The character she plays in reality is my ideal woman, she’s brunette, smart, sexy, and can hold her own and well looks good with a gun strapped to her hip. (Admit it everyone loves people either in uniform or some sort of profession where there’s a gun involved.) Gillian Anderson will always be my first ‘celeb’ love.

Basically I’ve been having ‘down time’ of an evening after writing and researching stuff for Uni all day and Dexter has been a really nice surprise and welcome relief, to switch off. Another show I’d been put onto by my friend @vonbunnie is Trueblood. Now I’d seen a couple of episodes of TrueBlood, but I either forgot it was on, or had missed a few too many episodes to catch up. So I’ve recently caught up and have been getting my ‘adult vampire’ on.

Add into that the usual stuff I watch regardless of the events going on around me. (That’s code for Doctor Who!) I’ve been enjoying my evening veg out. It’s a little ‘quicker’ than watching a whole movie. A 45 minute TV show just seems to fly by, perfect as the ‘switch off’ tonic needed after studying about various sociological ‘stuff’ throughout the day.

So this evening, I’m off to eat a meat pie and some hot chips, and watch more True Blood.

That’s all I’ve got.

1 comment:

ScoMan said...

All very #rad shows.

Especially Dexter.

And I wonder if Michael C Hall hooked up his wife with the older guy because he thought it would be "safe" (meanwhile he's off with some big titted English woman)

That's assuming he has a hand in casting.. but you look at that and you think "Hmm.. probably"