Thursday, August 5, 2010

Those who have no warm bed at night.

When you lay in bed at night, does your mind ever wander to think of those who have no bed? I wrote this last night, as my mind thought of those who haven't the luxuries that I have.

The cold trickles through the gaps of clothing and covers. Seeping into the marrow of my bones. The newspapers that cover me at night, keep out some of the cold, but not all of it. When first light breaks I remove the newspaper and fold it up.

Last night’s blankets will be today’s seat. I sit on my newspaper so no one can steal them. Theft is high amongst those who have nothing.

I will go to the salvos today and ask for a blanket as the nights are getting colder. If I’m to survive this winter, I’ll need to find more warmth.

That's all I've got.

1 comment:

ScoMan said...

I'm sure I will think about those people. Now.

I'm really going to miss guilt free sleep.