Tuesday, December 28, 2010

One down. Twenty-Five left

I lost a follower - How do I know this? When you only had 26 followers and now have 25 - it's not hard to tell that someone left. So farewell follower who has left - you no doubt had your reasons to hit that 'stop following button' Was it something I said? Perhaps it was something I didn't say.

To my other faithful readers - thank you for sticking around. You all rock and are very #rad. Once I move past the pure hatred and rage I'm feeling towards my father right now. I will update my blog so that it's not just another 'Sal's moaning about how much her father sucks again Zzzzz'

I'll be back soon.

Hope you all had a wonderful x-mas

That's all I've got.


Kellyansapansa said...

Pfft - some people just have no stamina. The rest of us are still here!

Anonymous said...

ok so you now have a new follower to make up for the one you lost :)

so inspiring to see someone making things happen so that they can be their dream!

good luck to you not only as you work toward becoming published but also exorcising the negative thots and unresolved angst out of your being.

whiteboard at night.... hmmm good idea. (& a great Thot u had!)