Thursday, December 30, 2010


I was lying in bed this morning at 3am, and I thought of a question to pose to you all. When you're alone thinking about stuff. Do you hear your own voice in your head? Kind of like talking to yourself but not actually out loud? (I'm hearing the 'voice' as I type this!!!) Hmmm voices.

I came up with this gem so inspiring that I got out of bed and scrawled it on my whiteboard.

'Murmurs in the dark, are merely whispers in my head'

I'm quite chuffed with that one.

Back to the topic of the blog. Inspiration:
When I was little, I loved Roald Dahl - My favourite book of his is James and the Giant Peach. I can remember my teacher (I can't remember what grade it was) reading it out loud to us, and my head filling up with the words Roald Dahl used to incite imagination. My 'little' self was literally beside herself. After that I remember reading Charlie and the chocolate factory, and being immersed into the world Roald Dahl created.
Years later as an adult. I was wandering around the library and came across a book in the returns trolley called 'Looking for Alaska' it was a young adult novel (I wasn't a young adult) but the description appealed to me. I loved the Catcher in the rye, and this book, somehow drew me to it. I'd never heard of John Green before. But the front of the book sported a sticker to say it had won awards. So I thought I'll have a read.
Whilst I read John Green's book - I had a realisation that my calling would be to write young adult novels. Why? Because it's an audience without judgement. Young minds leap into a book, adults tend to tread carefully. I want to write for an audience who will just launch themselves into the world I create, and hope that the twist and turns will lead them to an ending they feel is worthy of the characters journey.

John Green - made me want to be a writer. A young adult writer.

It is through John Green that I discovered Stephanie Perkins today. John recommended her book on twitter. I clicked the link, followed another link to Stephanie's website. Whilst reading Stephanie’s blog. I discovered a fellow writer - one who has been on a similar path.

Whilst I looked at studying Journalism. (Stephanie began it, then changed to creative writing) It was creative writing that drew me to the Uni I am currently at. It is the fine art in which they (the course writers/lectures) make writers look at a picture so large that at times you can't see the edges. By doing this it in turn will make us better writers. (Though I still suck so baldy at punctuation!)

So I wanted to give Stephanie a shout-out. Say 'Hi' from Australia and to let her know that John Green was my inspiration to write, and her story of how she got from point a to point b has given me a boost. While I'm not saying it will happen next week. I know in my heart that I will get Zoey and Heath's journey published one day. As there's a market out there for future dystopian Science fiction for young adults... Just look at Mary Hoover and Children of Morrow

That's all I've got.

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