Saturday, May 1, 2010

Twenty days to go

I have twenty days to go until I finish Uni for this semester. In those twenty days I have the following things due:

Genre creative piece re-write (2,000 words)
Sociology report on Asylum Seekers (2,500 words)
Genre assignment on.... Genre! (2,000 words)
Themes and cultures major essay (3,500 words)

+ some 'stuff' for the online contribution which is just Q & A really.

So what did I achieve today? NOTHING Not a thing. I did ZERO Uni work today, instead I watched TV, took my dog for a walk, cooked, did some washing, and generally just did sweet FA. Why? Because today I just didn't give a fuck about Uni, or what's due or word counts, or any of that shit. I just took some time out for me, and I feel better for it. I'll get back into it tomorrow, I'll punch out the usual shit I punch out for assignments. THEN on the 21st of May. When the final assignment is handed in for this semester. I'll re-assess my life and work out just what the fuck I'm wanting to do / achieve / live for.

That's all I've got.

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ScoMan said...

You need to take some time out for you every now and then, otherwise you'll burn out.

I remember when I was doing my CPA, with about 3 weeks to go before the exam and take some time out so that I was fresh to tackle the crunch on the run home.

Best of luck with it all.