Thursday, April 19, 2012

BEDA 2012 Posts 9 - 19

I know I've been MIA - but there's been a lot of 'stuff' going on in my life in the past 10 days. A member of my family passed away, along with a friend of mine - so a double blow :(

I got a day's placement at the local Uni Library as part of my course / assessment requirement. It was #####RAD I really *really* feel I've put the right foot forward in relation to a career as a Librarian.

Then of course there's the interview for the job here next week (everything crossed for that)

So I do appologise for the lack of BEDA - but sometimes life gets in the way of blogging.

That's all I've got.

I hope you are all safe and well. If you have someone in your life, be it a significant other half, a friend or a family member. Remember to let them know they are important to you - as sometimes people are here one minute and gone the next. Don't be left with regrets of 'I should have told them I loved them more often' TELL them now!

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